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Description: House and girlfriend had been together for over two years when I met her. She was young and fresh-faced, and looking forward to the next chapter in her life. She beamed me with a tight vision of what she thought my future held. As we walked towards my building, I could see her sitting on the top step of the porch, watching the sun set. As we walked in opposite directions, we spotted each other and we quickly locked eyes. She smiled and shrugged me off, saying she was just there to drink and spend her time. That didn't stop me from thinking about her constantly. It took a few dates and a few "accidents" before we finally met for coffee. I could see the excitement in her eyes, and I knew she would be there for me. She was. We started spending more and more time together, and I began to see her as more than a girlfriend. I started to see her as my home and she started to start living in my city. The things we used to do together before were now becomingvet filthy business. We would argue and I would be gone the whole day. She would be working in the city and I would be in the house, cooking and cleaning. She would be in

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