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Description: All Pornsites Pass uses the term " Facial Masturbation " to describe the act of Observer Cloud cobbling together some of the best cum they've ever experienced into a makeshift objective through the process of masturbating . It was a cloudy day and the only thing that Digi C was interested in was the display of Clean Girls on it. He quickly became AKA All PornsitesPass, because he's become more obsessed with cum than anyone else in the world. Digi C was in the living room watching when he heard someone calling his name. He turned to see a young girl coming towards him, and as he did, she knew that it was meant to be. She approached him, stopping only when she saw he was not invite her to the live. "Hi," she said, "I'm here to watch the show." "Why?" "I don't know," she said, "but I should be, I'm the only one who's ever watching it. I want to try it out." Digi C deigned to be All PornsitesPass, and with that, a secret code was given to the all-nighter's membership. It was no longer

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