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Description: Dedicated to my adorable Milk Loaded Boys--the best enema team out there--I was so excited to get them in on a new show. They were on my couch with an enema when I woke up this morning. "What the hell are they doing?" I asked my partner as I got out of the enema. "I'm not sure," she replied, "but we might get into trouble." I didn't want to get into anything that would definitely not be worth doing. I got them both out of the enema and we went to the production room. "Now this is why I'm not married," I said to my partner as I removed her clothing. She giggled and meekly took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She fetched a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and we started to take off. "You're doing great," I heard her say as she took a step back. I looked up and saw her wearing nothing but a strikingly interesting shaped shorts. IOTO was the only thing left on her body and she was wrapped up in them. "You're doing great," she said as she took a step

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